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InstaThe Long Road Home

How long can you keep putting off reality for? I’ve been delaying it for the last two and a half years, knowing that it was always going to come knocking, never quite knowing when. Now however, is the time I’ve chosen to return to some semblance of normality and put a hold on my nomadic lifestyle... [read more]

InstaThe Arctic Surfers of Lofoten

Click-click-click-click-click. My camera whirred away rapidly snapping photos as another surfer disappeared under the wave and his board went soaring through the air. A stunning snow-capped mountain, one of many in Norway’s Lofoten Islands looming over the bay where 20 or so surfers had decided to... [read more]

InstaGood, Better, Best of Travel Costs

You can save money thousands of ways when travelling, it’s all about weighing up the costs (literally) and the benefits of each method. I’ve met people as I’ve travelled who have been gone for months and spent yet a handful of cash in doing so. One guy I met hitchhiked everywhere and then would sleep in mosques and supermarkets to save money... [read more]


You would be forgiven for thinking it was a quaint little university town. Golden trees, beautiful clear skies, uniform brick buildings, happy smiling tourists, many of whom would have been students following their guides around, all helping to build the atmosphere that this was a place of higher learning. You would be forgiven for making that mistake if it weren’t... [read more]

Insta12 Signs You've Been Travelling Too Long

Travel is a wonderful thing that is recognised by many in today’s age. The role of the nomadic and perpetual traveller is also growing stronger and stronger as the internet and technology make travel cheaper and easier and allow travellers to earn an income from anywhere in the world. There are some signs... [read more]

InstaDreams and Sacrifices

Sitting in a café in the French Alps where we had abused free wifi privileges for an entire week, I tuned in to watch my basketball club back home compete in game one of the state championship final from the screen of my iPhone. I had friends on... [read more]

InstaFly, Fly Away

I feel that if ever I were to write up about my hints and tips for flying and adjusting your body to travel, in the midst of a 30 hour transit period is as good a time as any to do so. Kicking it by a deserted gate in the middle of Brunei’s Bandar Seri Begawan airport, I can feel the mandatory stiffness and tiredness already kicking in... [read more]

InstaYou Can Look But Don't Touch

It’s not so much that you shouldn’t touch them, just that you can’t. These small little snippets of my life that I share, hoping to inspire and invoke jealousy and desire to do the same. I am of course referring to the photos I take, my way of keeping those back home... [read more]

InstaLessons from Abroad

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first; lessons afterward.” -Vernon Law This quote is one I first read when I was undertaking my assessment course for Outward Bound to become a group instructor and has stuck with me ever since. In something that was such a great challenge, the clarity in which I remember this still astounds me... [read more]

Insta12 Months On and My Top 12

365 days, 74,498 kilometres, 18 countries (14 of those new), 400 odd new friends on Facebook, 26 flights, 2 visits to the hospital, countless trains, buses and incredible moments. A year living out of a backpack and travelling as a nomad has been unbelievable, experiencing things most people will struggle to see... [read more]

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About World Ahead, Home Behind


One thing I've always known since I was young was that I wanted to explore and experience as many different places and cultures as I possibly could. There were always two options in my eyes that would allow me to achieve this: have a solid career with financial stability that would allow me to travel recreationally or to make travel a lifestyle which I could enjoy day in and day out. University and a job was always the more secure option, which still gave the option to travel and this was what I first pursued upon finishing school.

I always had the idea that if university and tertiary education weren't for me, I could drop out, become a white water rafting guide and travel the world, living river to river. The holidays and trips I went on with my family while I was growing up helped fuel this passion for outdoor adventure and this was further compounded by experiencing the unique landscapes and environments all throughout the world. Whether it be hiking through the Himalayas, quadbiking in Jamaica or rafting the mighty Tongariro River in New Zealand's North Island, it provided me with a passion to combine with my love of travel that could allow me to see parts of the world that many could only dream of. After two attempts (and rather drawn out ones at that!) of further education, I chose to switch things up and pursue my love of the outdoors and adventure activities!

I spent a gruelling eight months training for a Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation with Outward Bound Australia, learning and qualifying in skills including naviagtion, advanced wilderness first aid, critical incident response, abseiling, rock climbing, white water rafting, caving, basic vertical rescue and search and rescue techniques. After I had graduated, I worked for OBA for several months but once the season had ended, the concept of a full time contract and no travel for at least another year wasn't what I had in mind. I absolutely loved my time within the internship, and I loved working as a Group Instructor as well, but my wanderlust was overwhelming and I had put it off for long enough. And with that, I purchased my one way ticket to Europe, armed with nothing but my dual passports, a snowboard and a backpack full of outdoor toys and threw myself at a new, extraordinary adventure!

There is a clarity that you experience whilst travelling, and more often as a solo traveller, that is hard to grasp in your normal life back home. Due to the frequency that I was experiencing these moments, the concepts I was reflecting upon and the lack of anything remotely academic, I decided I would explore them and start my own blog. The idea was to hopefully provide inspiration for people who want to travel, especially long term and by themselves and give them the motivation (and some tips) to just get out there and do it. For me, one of the most disappointing things is when friends back home want to go on a trip but won't because "there's no one to go with", or the fiscal situations never align. I want people to be able to read this blog and see that it's really not all that scary, that as soon as you start your adventure, you find hundreds of people like you, off chasing a dream and looking for someone to spend a lonely night in (insert city of the world here). Just like an abseil, that first step is the toughest and I'd like to think that I can help by lowering you off the edge.