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Right, so it’s been a while since I last posted on here. I’ve been going crazy on Instagram but as for the rest of World Ahead, Home Behind, it’s been very slow going. Admittedly, I struggled getting around to writing anything for a bit and hopefully this small, quick update will be enough to get me back in the writing mood. However, I feel the main reason I fell out of my own writing pattern for a while was because of how absolutely incredible my last few months have been. I had a month travelling all throughout Turkey which was just phenomenal and have spent the last few weeks working as a general activity and water sports instructor in L’Escala, Spain, just north of Barcelona. Not only have I had so much to do but the people I have met, I’ve just wanted to spend time with them and the amount of fun I’ve had has been awesome.


I knew I was going to need work at some stage over the summer so I began looking for adventure jobs online and after a good solid week of firing off applications, I decided I needed to get on the move again. The cheapest flight out of London somewhere interesting was to Antalya in Turkey for 40 pounds, an absolutely silly deal and of course one I snapped up right away. I was actually a little apprehensive about heading to Turkey, I think due to how much gear I was taking with me and this was the reason I went right ahead and booked the flight. I had been in my comfort zone for far too long and needed to get back out. And oh how wrong I was. Turkey has been one of the most incredible places I’ve visited so far; teeming with rich history and architecture, natural beauty that rivals anywhere I’ve been before and hands down the friendliest people I’ve ever encountered. It also helped immensely that the travellers I met were all just amazing, like-minded people as well. Plus it was nice to get a tan back rather than walking around as the ghost that I had become. I’ll go through my Turkish adventure in a separate (but more likely two) post at a later date but I cannot recommend it as a visit any more highly.


While I was in Turkey, I managed to score myself several job interviews which I had to conduct via Skype. I was lucky enough to be offered a position as a general activities and water sports instructor working in Costa Brava in Spain. I flew straight from Istanbul to Barcelona, where I quickly learnt that I had left my credit card in Istanbul and made my way to my home for most of the summer. The Spanish countryside was fantastic and after having spent an Arctic winter, it was so nice to be back near a beach where I could spend inordinate amounts of time on. All the people I’m working with are seasonaires, men and women who sacrifice a large paycheck in order to live a lifestyle that they adore. Most are coming straight off a winter season in the Alps, killing time in the summer before heading back for the next winter. However, nearly all of them are all about the adventure. We’ve been kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, mountain biking, we’ve explored abandoned WWII bunkers up in the hills, torn up the D floor and even begun collecting hundreds of water bottles to make a massive plastic bottle boat we will sail between coves. There have been handmade hammocks and spear guns, an adopted stray cat and a ton of adventure films as well as some incredibly sick and twisted jokes, as only those spending far too much time together can come up with. I’m definitely in the right place.

I have three weeks off beginning this weekend, starting with a night in Barcelona for the Champions’ League final before flying to the UK where it will be nice to see both my folks for the first time in just under a year. After that, there should hopefully be some more detailed posts as I can get back into a rhythm and hopefully a hell of a lot more adventure. But as always, immaturity and adventure come first.

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