The Long Road Home

How long can you keep putting off reality for? I’ve been delaying it for the last two and a half years, knowing that it was always going to come knocking, never quite knowing when. Now however, is the time I’ve chosen to return to some semblance of normality and put a hold on my nomadic lifestyle. I had all the dreams, the plans and the systems in place to carry on for years but I’ve made a conservative choice to hold off and prepare myself in the event it all fails miserably.


The decision came upon me quickly. After just under 18 months of travel, I knew there needed to be another change to keep things exciting and challenging. I had a few options in mind that had developed over time and had been thought about in considerable detail. I was looking at staying in Europe for another summer and possibly studying somewhere like Italy; I could’ve carried on the adventure in South America, running up and down such an incredible continent with some of the most incredible opportunities I could ever have imagined or I could head back to Australia and play conservatively and start building my back up plans. Sometimes, talking about it makes it so much more real than thinking about it, despite months of these options being on my mind. In the end there really was only one logical option…


I didn’t come home because I had to. I came home because it made too much sense not to. I had a window of opportunities that all aligned nicely and would conclude at an age where I could still disappear and pursue my passions. I was playing the game, so that I could have more security in not playing the game (if that makes any sense whatsoever). I could finally look at some local adventures, now that I have a skillset that allows me to do so, and one day in the future, maybe turn those into a business that won’t require the degree and the work experience I’ll be undertaking as my fall back!


Coming home was never going to be easy, I mean how do you go from a life of ultimate freedom to a regimented routine that you more or less have to stick to? There are plenty of positives: physically hanging out with your mates rather than through the mediums of Skype and Whatsapp; family there when you need them; comforts such as beds, showers, cars; knowing where everything is and not having to plan for accommodation or transport incredibly frequently. When even your work is an exciting experience, it feels like people pay you for having fun, yet now I’m back at uni, I’m shorter on cash and therefore slightly more restricted in a lot of ways. I’m already finding myself suffering a little bit from cabin fever and need to be far more proactive planning trips, recognising that I’m probably going to have undertake these solo as well.Backpackers are far more adventurous than your normal person (and free of commitment) and willing to try new things and explore, something I expected more people to be interested in when I returned home.


But the plans are in place. Once I settle in properly, I can get back to being fit, to exploring this incredible state I’m fortunate enough to call home and to developing projects like my photography, this blog and even learning how to play guitar. And don’t think for a second my travels are going to dry up. If I play my cards right, I should be able to get 3 months of travel a year covered by other people. But I’ll keep you updated as that progresses.
Now that I’ve got a lot more time up my sleeve, I’m going to be putting more time and effort into this blog, sharing stories, tips and photos to help encourage you all to get out and follow in my footsteps. Or, far more importantly, go leave your own somewhere. And please, if you’d need any help or advice, get in contact directly. I love planning and helping plan trips, such exciting times!


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    Good luck with everything and your study and thanks for following me in Instagram, site too,

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