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I think of all the social media going around, Instagram is hands down my favourite. Facebook is convenient to keep in touch with people but there’s so much trash that appears in your news feed that it’s just infuriating. I do have a Twitter account for this blog but despite that, I still haven’t caught onto the appeal of it. Instagram on the other hand is something that I will happily get right around as the users I follow post such incredible imagery that it inspires me and makes me want to keep exploring this glorious world of ours. I’m not a person who follows everyone on my friends list (I couldn’t deal with the pre drink selfies and throwback Thursdays all the time) but if you tailor your followers well, the photos that appear in your feed will make you get the hell out of bed and figure out how you can find your own patch of beauty. The 10 accounts that I follow and that worsen my itch for adventure are:

 Chris Burkard


Chris Burkard is the world’s leading remote surf photographer. Not only that but he manages to capture adventure and incredible landscapes in his photos in such a way that it’s almost impossible not to be envious of this guy. Every time he posts a new photo, I try and scroll past it as quickly as possible to minimise my jealousy but still find myself getting drawn back to it.



shirty_i_am is a guy whose photos actually make me want to head back to Australia and suss out these incredibly beautiful spots along the east coast. He manages to make you feel like you’re the only one in these places, that you have them all to yourself which can be a hell of an accomplishment if you can manage it while shooting the Sydney Harbour Bridge.



stianmklo is a landscape photographer from Norway (I didn’t steal that directly from his bio). I’ve spent the last winter in the Arctic and the colours that this guy manages to find up there are nothing short of spectacular. If you like winter in any regard, or Northern Lights for that matter, this is your man. He also runs plenty of tours which based on these photos I have seriously considered joining. Who says -30 has to be miserable when you can get snaps like these?



If you’re able to look at that display and not be inspired to travel to a single one of those destinations, then travel is definitely not for you and I imagine you will likely never even leave your hometown. kyrenian has photos spanning all across the world, from fairy tale forests to incredible caves that make me google immediately where he is and how I am going to get there.



wanderer_rachel is next on the list, another Australian who reminds me of our glorious beaches and the stunning beauty of the Blue Mountains. I don’t know if Rachel has ever taken a photo on an overcast day but the golden sand and blue skies will help you make a beeline for your nearest beach irrespective of where you are in the world.



Beautiful ice caves, magnificent waterfalls and mountains on mountains on mountains? These guys collect some of the best photos and feature them on their site which I’m still iffy with but the collection they do pull is incredible. And they credit the original photographers which can often assist budding photographers as well. Nonetheless, makes me want to go everywhere!



ic_adventures, like daringplanet is a user that features other people’s work and I have gathered a lot of new people to follow from those features. You get such a wide range that screams adventure that there has to be something to cater for the inner explorer in you. Beaches, mountains, snow, cliffs… it’s all yours to take in and be inspired by.



One more feature user but there is a reason they are so popular; the images they collate are just awesome! Again, a large variety and a great way to find new users to follow but the photos… just look and enjoy.



Andy is one of the best for invoking my wanderlust (see what I did there?). He has some absolutely incredible night scape and beam photos which make me want to go pitch my tent and sit outside taking snaps all night. Of course they would never come close to the professional quality that Andy can produce, but goddamn is it worth a go.



The bio says it all. 100 countries on every continent and has been recognised as a Travel Photographer of the Year. Doesn’t even need justification, just follow him. Now.



So it might be a bit vain to include myself in here but I guess as far as I’m concerned, my own posts do inspire me to get back out and carry on travelling as it’s a very easily accessible way to remind myself of some of the amazing places that I’ve been. Plus I’m the only one with less than 2.5k followers, help a brother out!

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