Tinder as a Travel Tool (and my Top 5 Tinder Cities)

The dating app Tinder has been a massive hit the world over, helping you to meet new people based on the shallowest criteria, their appearance. It has helped spawn relationships, casual flings and terrible first dates, all with the simple choice of which direction you flick the face gazing at you from behind your screen. It can be a great source of entertainment, desperation and date finding but I’ve found that it is also a great way to meet locals in foreign cities.

Since I arrived in Europe 7 months ago, I’ve dabbled with Tinder in nearly every city I’ve arrived in, whether it be for 24 hours or for a month. I’m far from a man whore, but as any single bloke goes, you take your opportunities when they arise. However, one thing I’ve been using Tinder for more and more recently has been to ascertain a local’s perspective on the city and where I should hit up, a) as a visitor (I hate being a tourist) and b) for a drink. A lot of the time, people are willing to let you tag along with a group of friends on a night out or are happy to casually meet up, share a drink and swap some stories.

When you travel it’s nice to meet other travellers but sometimes this means that you don’t get a proper feel for a city. Meeting up with locals who live in the city you’re visiting is a great way to find the atmosphere hidden behind all the architecture, public transport and tourist attractions present anywhere you go. When I was in Edinburgh, I matched with a girl on Tinder who was from Innverness, the town adjacent to Loch Ness, who recommended that I should check out her father’s bar, Hootananny’s. Turns out Hootananny’s was renowned for its live music and I was lucky enough to get to spend a night there watching an impromptu session with a Canadian playing the bagpipes, an Englishman on the flute and many a Scot with a violin or guitar. It was a great blend of locals and travellers and was a night that will stay with me for some.

I was lucky enough to meet a girl through Tinder who I keep in contact with pretty regularly, and we get along really well. We’ve gone ziplining through forests, been contributors at a Stephen K Amos comedy gig and shared a terrible stir fry. If circumstances were different, who knows what could happen but sometimes you have to live with the sacrifices of constantly being on the move. In saying that, she’s just arrived in South East Asia for 2 months and heads to South America for double that almost immediately so at least we share similar interests. But that connection has been a very positive outcome from Tinder as a traveller.


I guess one of the other nice things is it can be nice to just chat to people. The hostel you’re in might be terribly boring and nobody is interested in having a chat and the time difference back home means that everyone is fast asleep. Why not just swipe a few profiles right and find someone to have a chat to for a couple of hours, keep yourself entertained.

As you can see, Tinder can be quite a versatile tool to help you travel and explore new places. Of course you can always use it for its original intention but its uses are far more extensive. Below I’ve listed my Top 5 Cities that I’ve visited in terms of the quality of the Tinder profiles coming my way.

Don’t get me wrong, I am far from a misogynist. But like any good man, I can appreciate the world’s talent when it is presented before me and this list is just some observations I’ve made as a traveller.

My Top 5 Tinder Cities (so far)

1. Prague, Czech Republic
Not only is the capital of the Czech Republic an incredibly beautiful city but it is populated by some incredibly beautiful women. I know my friend and I spent a lot of times with our jaws on the floor; on the subway, through beautifully cobblestoned alleyways and sitting in our hostel room swiping through Tinder with the quality of the female Czech population. Absolutely stunning.

2. Stockholm, Sweden
There is a reason stereotypes exist and the Tinder profiles of Stockholm certainly back the claims. If you’re a fan of blonde hair and blue eyes, you cannot go wrong in Stockholm, out on the streets or on Tinder. There is a reason a blog dedicated to Tinder Girls of Sweden actually exists and has a pretty decent following. Once you manage to break through the initial barriers, Swedes are also some of the friendliest people going around.

3. London, England
I’ve spent a lot of time in England in my life and let’s just say that the percentage of attractive women on Tinder does not accurately represent those walking through the streets of London. Must be because they’re all hidden away, swiping through Tinder at home…

4. New York, USA
I was in New York over New Year’s so the place was flooded with tourists, both foreign and domestic. Unfortunately this didn’t give me an accurate representation of New York’s Tinder game but was a great congregation of beautiful women the world over. I actually ended up speaking with an Argentinian girl thanks to my fluency in Spanish (or Google Translate, near enough) which turned out to be quite entertaining, as well as learning about many a great bar and burger joint that I otherwise would never have found in the sprawling metropolis that is New York City.

5. Chamrousse, France
Now with all the other cities on the list being capitals (or presenting an argument to be) Chamrousse stands alone. The reason for this is that Chamrousse is located in the French Alps and is a ski resort not too far from Grenoble. The Tinder profiles I came across whilst here in the Alps admittedly do receive an unfair advantage over other cities in that many of the Tinder profiles present women in ski or snowboard attire. Anybody who has spent time on the slopes knows that the illusion of goggles and a beanie and that long plait coming down over a shoulder is very attractive and it is this illusion that has boosted Chamrousse into the top 5.

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